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Infra great spring!

Do you get SAD? Are you dreaming of summer sun, warm sand between the toes, blue skies? I know I am!

It's been a particularly cold and dreary winter. The energies have been HEAVY to say the least. As a yoga teacher I've been both witness to and victim of the surges of change, destructiveness and 'great dismantling' thats been taking place.

And I've needed to 'take a minute'!

So what better place to cosy up, gather my thoughts and soothe the winter aches and pains away, than the new TBIS infra red sauna?!

I've been in four times in seven days and cannot believe the benefits I've been experiencing! Here are the highlights:

Day One: getting to grips with the controls was my main concern, but it's pretty self explanatory. I set the temperature to 45 degrees and the timer to 20 minutes and in I climbed. There's Bluetooth connection (all mod cons!) so I listened to my fave podcast and relaxed. After about 15 minutes the lights went out! I realised it had reached temperature so moved it up a few degrees for the last quarter of an hour. I sweat buckets! And came out pink like I'd been in the sun, but I wasn't over heated. I felt warmed through & my painful back wasn't painful! This was the most noticeable effect.

Day Two: (consecutive days) I set the temperature at 50 today and the timer at 30. I could feel 'pulsing' in part of my back that had been sore and tight and sweat lots more than yesterday. Afterwards I - tmi coming up - felt an 'urgency' for the loo & figure this was the detox element working! I feel full of energy and clear minded. Not sure if this os a coincidence so I leave it for a day before I go in again.

Day three: really missed it yesterday! The recommended maximum amount is around 3-4 sessions a week, though, for half an hour, so I know I can't get in every day. Felt a big difference though, particularly in the sore muscles and my mood - I was a lot more 'flat' than the days I'd been in.

Day four: last one of the week! I have slept better than I have in ages, a really deep sleep every night, and been far calmer and clearer minded all week. I've had lots more energy - not so worn out by things like hoovering! And I really look forward to my next session each time - it's relaxing and soothing being so warm and cosy in the cabin!

Overall I'm super impressed and the biggest take away from my infra red experience is the lift in my mood. I really do think at least two a week would benefit people who suffer s.a.d and similar conditions and those with painful bodies will definitely feel soothed by the heat. A caution though: any injury causing swelling in a joint needs to be played by a medical professional first or given 48hrs to settle before you enter the sauna.

Contra indications are few, but if you're pregnant or have a pacemaker/heart device and/or heart condition, infra red saunas are not for you I'm afraid. To use ours you must let us know if you have implants, have imbibed alcohol, have an aversion to heat or any other condition you think may prove triggered by the extreme temperature. Having said this, you don't need to take it to 50 degrees and as long as you stay hydrated (a long glass of water before and after will be supplied by us if you use the one at TBIS) you'll be fine.

Reports suggest that the infra red sauna can improve diabetes, weight loss, detoxification, skin conditions/texture/complexion, blood pressure, cfs, arthiritis and more!

If you'd like more information go to the website to contact Jo direct or book a taster session for £18. Blocks of 3, 5 & 10 are also available.

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