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Good to Know

Before you join us, here's a few bits and bobs we thought you'd like to know first!

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In the know....

Bookings for classes and treatments with Jo are undertaken from the Book Now page. Any bookings for treatments and services by other therapists working from the Breathe in Space can be made direct with each individual. You'll find their details on our Meet the Team Page

The TBIS membership and other memberships are just that: like gym memberships they'll be paid monthly until you cancel them! Refunds won't be given on months where you haven't made use of your membership, or 'rolled forward'. Although the target is to give you x4 classes a month - aiming for one a week - this doesn't always work out exactly on the calendar. You have full control in cancelling the subscription and there's no minimum amount of time we ask of you - if you try it and don't like it, simply cancel from your end of things and make sure you cancel with your bank too! If you don't want membership, no problem!


ALL classes are bookable up to one hour before they start on a 'pay as you go' basis. If you have to cancel, go ahead - the system should also allow you to refund yourself up to 24hrs before. Otherwise your booking fee will be lost.

We have parking! It's a small car park and the turn in off High Street is tight, so go carefully. Feel free to utilise it though if you have a class or appointment booked with anyone working from TBIS.

Your SatNav might not like one post code so we have 2! We have no idea why! But try BOTH NN28AE and NN28AQ and see which works best for you!

All yoga equipment is provided, but we understand if you'd rather use your own. We sanitise everything from floors, to mats, to eye pillows, to blankets and cushions every single session, so rest assured, you're in a safe, clean space.

Although we love kids, unless a class is stipulated to be for them, all sessions (yes, sound baths too!) are strictly 18yrs+ We also request you let us know if you're booking a treatment for someone below 18yrs or who is vulnerable as chaperoning may apply.

If your partner/friend/mum/dad has additional needs which may affect their comfort, understanding, ability to access areas of the building and so on, please let us know before arrival so we can ensure best care is given with full transparency of what is and is not possible. Your happiness and dignity are hugely important to us. 

Our Wellbeing lounge is open for you to have a tea and a rest whenever we are open! Come on up and try the door, but please, keep things as quiet and serene as you find them and your loose change to keep the teas topped up is always welcome!

All yoga sessions are suitable for beginners, but if you've little or no experience, please let your teacher know. Likewise, any medical conditions which may affect your comfort or be considered a contraindication must be shared with your teacher for h&s purposes. All information shared will of course be kept confidential.


Which Type of Yoga?

It can all get a bit jargony can't it, Yoga?! So here's a run down of what we offer and what the teachers are like!

Hatha Yoga - this is your staple. It's the most utilised form these days with ALL other types branching from this main 'trunk'! Hatha strengthens, stretches, relaxes, energises and soothes by turns. It really depends upon the focus your teacher places on the session. At TBIS we know the importance of SLOW and we love a bit of relaxation so whoever you visit you'll ALWAYS get a nice long relaxation session under a blanket at the end of class. Vicki is big into philosophy and her Foundations class on a Thursday introduces you to some of Yoga's ancient stuff, whilst Irene loves the meditative feel of getting into your flow - so her Wednesday Hatha Flow is slightly faster paced, but still accessible for beginners.

Beginners Yoga on Tuesdays is Hatha, as are any others NOT specified as a different 'flavour'!

Yin - Yin yoga aims to stretch your fascia tissue. You hold poses for longer, so the body gets to sink into the shape you're asking of it and release tension deep inside your muscles, joints and connective tissue. It's called Yin because Yin energy is feminine and encourages introspection, which happens naturally as you hold these beautifully nourishing postures.  

Restorative - Restorative Yoga sometimes sees participants hold ONE pose only! Yes, really! It's a delicious way to wind down, deeply connect and feel 'held'. You'll be on the floor, but you won't move much. There are blankets, cushions, bolsters and other equipment provided to ensure you can hold things comfortably and your body gets the rest it deserves. Jo tends to lead these as she's come full circle in her own practice and knows the value of being able to stop a while. She almost always throws in Yoga Nidra (a deep relaxation technique) and Reiki healing too, so these sessions are extra special.

Vinyasa - Vinyasa means flow, so the poses move from one to another a bit swifter than in other forms. Sometimes studios will ramp up the heat for extra efforting, but at TBIS we're about wellness, not fitness, so we simply utilise the flows for maximum internal heat! Our Saturday juicy flow with Irene is very popular and rightly so! She moves at a pace and encourages you to try things you may not have considered! Deeper twists, faster salutations, arm balances, you name it: Irene will encourage it! But rest assured, you'll leave feeling epic! (And yes, you still get relaxation, we promise!)


All queries can be directed to Jo at

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