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My name is Jo,

I have been practising Yoga for over 20 years, teaching for almost the same and qualified to teach Yoga in 2014. My passion is for sharing my skills in how to construct a class, vary the content and maintain high standards so you will qualify as a confident, competent Yoga Teacher, not just an 'instructor'. Read on to find out more about Teacher Training at TBIS! Also a Reiki Master with over 15 years experience practising and teaching Reiki, I offer 1:1 mentorships in Reiki Levels 1,2,3 & Masterships.

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200Hours Yoga Teacher Qualification

Maybe you've been attending Yoga classes for some time and would really like to better understand

more about WHY you're loving it so much and HOW it makes you feel so good?

Maybe you've recently decided to change career and have often dreamed of teaching Yoga?

Maybe you've been teaching a few classes already, to family and friends, but would really like to

'go pro'?

Whatever your reasoning in getting here: welcome! You've just joined a hundred thousand

(or more!) strong family of yoga teachers worldwide!


With no 'one size fits all' generic course framework, the sky's the limit! From six week courses, to

three year ones, there's something for everyone. At TBIS your 200hours study will be a mixture of

contact hours (with Jo the lead trainer) and non contact (where you read texts, write essays and

study teachers you know in class). You'll be expected to have a good understanding of the basics

of Yoga before you begin and some experience of a regular self-practice (although if this has

waned recently, that's ok!) Jo opts to train students over twelve months.  A big part of what she

aims to offer trainees is the time and space to develop into a skilled and confident leader. Part of

this involves finding your voice as a teacher, which is facillitated by regular practice! Not only will

you get over any potential stage nerves, you'll also be able to try out new ideas, as Jo gives you

the opportunity to plan, teach and lead REAL classes to REAL clients in the TBIS studios!

(Don't worry - she'll be with you every step of the way!)

Texts we recommend you read whilst undertaking the course range from ancient Yogic texts,

to more modern interpretations and manuals, so a good understanding of written English is

essential. You'll be 'teaching' your co-course attendees pretty early on, so good spoken English is

also a must.

The 200hours will be taken over the course of twelves months and includes written coursework

and a practical test to ensure good understanding before receiving your qualification. The content

of the course, contact hours and test will ensure you are best placed for future employment in

gyms and so on, and to enable you to receive things like the CIMSPA seal of approval to work

in gyms.



Chair Yoga - 40hrs

This training is aimed at those

*already holding a 200hr yoga qualification

*physiotherapists, pilates instructors, osteopaths etc with a qualification in and/or understanding

of physiology and anatomy

*those working in the care industry who come with employee recommendation

Yoga in a chair is one of the most mindful and 'Yogic' practices there is to have come out of the

Yoga tradition. Those who attend classes are really listening to what their body is telling them and

they are admitting: support is the best way to go. Therefore, in teaching Yoga in a chair, we need

to be best placed to make participants feel as much benefit from their practice as Yogis attending

floor based classes, offer them as diverse an approach as we can and maintain safety standards

to a high level.

You will be taught over 6 weeks (with one week set aside as self rehearsal/investigation) on

Saturdays and online where applicable. NB the whole course can also be attended online.

If you would like to attend training but have no formal physical qualifications, you will need a

current employer within the care or health sector to give you a reference/recommendation.

This can be sent to the email address below

Kids Yoga - 40hrs

Jo taught primary children aged 3-11 for 15 years and is very proud she made it out alive! Joking

aside, Jo is an educator at her heart and knows the benefits Yoga brings to children, because she

utilised it throughout her career! Setting the scene, ensuring fun and pace, whilst maintaining order

and learning, Kids Yoga isn't just about delivering an adult session to smaller sized humans!

Games, easy explanations, targeting current trends and needs to suit the cohort and an easy going,

supportive manner are all essential. 

You will learn about the background of Yoga and why it needs to be adapted for children rather than

the other way around, health and safety and safe guarding considerations and how to put together

fun, inetractive and effective sessions for kids of primary age.

The course will take place over six weeks (with one taken as self practice and investigation) and

is aimed at those with a teaching or childcare qualification, studying for one or those already

qualified to teach Yoga to adults. There will be an opportunity to share a planned session from

your coursework in the TBIS studios to launch your new classes, too!


I'm always excited to meet new trainees!  Let's connect and see what course best suits you!


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