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Course Syllabus Information

Chair Yoga 40hrs – Syllabus

Module one


Yoga and it’s roots, benefits and core principles – up to 30% of the course will see us study the adaptions and modifications of poses in/from a chair


Module two


The TBIS chair yoga class model – up to 60% of the course will be focussed on how to plan a well structured session which includes all elements required to make this Yoga and not simply ‘exercise’


Module three


Breathwork, mudra and meditation


Module four


Health and safety considerations - to include first aid recommendations – 10% of your learning will ensure your policies in H&S are well considered


Module five


Best practice in business - to include insurance, booking systems, DBS & data protection


Contact Hours: 3 contact days, 9AM - 5PM face to face with the lead teacher, Jo (24 hours contact time) plus x4 weekly sessions in chair yoga with Jo EITHER online or via in person classes and 12 hours reading and assignment work (40hours total)


The focus of the course is on how to adapt Yoga practices more commonly utilised on a mat, for a chair.

The aim is to ensure attendees feel confident enough in delivering a chair yoga session as part of their current work schedule and/or interests.

Attendees will be able to explain variants in poses, breathwork practices and offer well rounded classes from a succinct planning model

Attendees will be assessed continuously throughout the course with verbal questioning and feedback. The style of teaching is to mentor each attendee to ensure success – any areas significantly in need of development will be encouraged to be attended to for a later pass date. Some written assignment will be expected – in planning for example – and a practical assessment in delivering a session safely will form the last week of the training.


Yoga Pose

200Hours Yoga Teacher Training


Taken over one year, twice a month, with opportunities to teach 'in house' at the studios, this course is perfect if you're looking to deepen your understanding of Yoga and/or teach others!

Module One: Asana, Pranayama practise including safety, counterposes, variations

Module Two: Teaching Methodology and Pedagogy including vinyasa, pace, voice and planning techniques

Module Three: Physiology and anatomy including how Yoga enhances the main functions of the body

Module Four: Self Development including classical and modern spiritual texts of Yoga, meditation and self practise – this will include a project on a Yoga theme or subject of your choice

Module Five: Energy Work including chakras, sound, Yogic cleansing practices, bandhas etc

Module Six: Practical – an opportunity to lead a class in studio – regular practice will be available in training sessions with course colleagues

NB to enrol on this course, please write a brief introduction to Jo at explaining your interest and credentials

Yoga Pose

10% off
if paid in full!

School Kids Meditating

NEW course starts
February 2024!

Kids Yoga


40hours (28 contact hours, 12 non contact)

Taken over x4 weeks - Saturdays 10 - 5:00pm


Over one week for 4-5 days (minimum 5 attending)


as training in house for schools across a half term x 1 a week (this can be varied to suit your school's needs and focus) You can attend some or all online at special request and arrangement.

Module 1

•How Yoga benefits Kids incl physiology & anatomy, 31 Key Poses & Safety & other considerations

Module 2

•The TBIS Kids Yoga class format

Module 3

•TBIS Yoga for kids games

Module 4

•Breathing techniques

Module 5

•Meditation techniques

Module 6 

putting it all together - planning and delivery

NB this course is for those either already qualified in Yoga teaching, who hold a teaching qualification (primary or secondary) or who have significant experience leading kids' groups and classes. As we will work with children in some instances it is also vital you have an up to date DBS check.

NEW course date: January 20 2024


'I was completely hooked right from the first session and realised I’d made the right decision to take the course and that this is something I want to pursue in my career/life.' A - Kids Yoga Course May 2023

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