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The Full Story - from mental health to holistic treats, we got you covered!

Wellness in the Workplace

One of the benefits of going through a Global Pandemic (yes! we said it!) is that it made us all far more aware of our wellness levels. Whether that be physical, mental, or emotional, time out helped many of us see how a more balanced and healthy lifestyle keeps us happier, helps us live longer and can improve our relationships. Let's face it - just a little goes a long way.

At TBIS we know, too, that a well body and mind can improve our productivity. We are far more creative and dynamic if we feel well! So we've put together these packages for you to try as part of your Work Based Wellness Plan. Don't have one? Never fear! We can help you with that too!

Working at home

The Wellness at Work Mission Package

You're concerned about wellness in your workplace. Maybe you have a high rate of absences due to stress, anxiety or similar. Perhaps your staff are lacking motivation and you're looking to build enthusiasm again. Possibly there's a wide range of staff you're responsible for and their needs cover a broad spectrum. Where to begin?

The Wellness at Work Mission Package is for you!

We will:

*help you audit what wellness in your workplace looks and feels like from management to shop floor

*design a programme of wellbeing workshops, seminars and training to suit the needs demonstrated by the audit process

*create with you a sustainable wellness plan to fully enable and look after your workforce

*deliver high quality experiences covering holistic wellbeing, diet, sleep, relaxation, meditation, mental health awareness, mindfulness, posture, breathwork, menopause, anxiety & stress management and more

Your investment includes:

x4 members of our expert team

access to all online videos and materials for one year for unlimited staff members

a wellbeing week of events bespoke to your team

ongoing support for up to one year via email and phone

training for staff to future proof your wellness at work goals including mental health first aider, chair yoga and mindfulness in action


Mental Health Awareness Package

Your workplace is high octaine, target driven and fast paced. Maybe you and your staff regularly experience the symptoms of stress without even being aware of it, or maybe you're more than aware but don't know how best to manage them? Possibly a member of your team has presented with symptoms of depression and requested time off and it's had a knock on effect on the rest of the team's mental health? Whatever the reason for committing to this package, you can rest assured you and your team will benefit from better awareness of their own and others' mental health.

Awareness is all about mindfulness, clarity and open dialogue. We will help ensure your team are as best placed as they can be to navigate the symptoms and causes of stress, anxiety and tension and reduce their burn out rate.

We will:

* assess the mental health of your team

* deliver mindfulness in action seminar(s) to help maximise awareness

* train one or more members of the team to be a mental health first aider

* hold a mental health awareness day with your workforce to promote positive mental health outcomes and open dialogue

Your investment includes:

x2-3 members of our expert team

mental health First Aider Training*

One day  (or more for larger teams) of seminars and workshops aimed at promoting positive mindsets, open dialogue and mindfulness

access to all online videos and materials for one year for unlimited staff members

unique mental health assessment 


NB Online counselling available as part of this package

Enquire for pricing

*price quoted is for one team member - enquire for larger groups to receive the qualification

Serious Conversation

The Holistic Health Package

You have mental Health First Aiders, your team look out for each other, your days off through stress and related issues are statistically low. You want to keep up the good work! The Holistics Package is for you! Treat your team, invest in their overall wellbeing, encourage them to feel relaxed. We got you!

We will:

 provide as many days as required (across a week, for example) to access therapies such as - Sound Baths, Breathwork, Reflexology, Mizan Therapy, Massage, Reiki, Head Massage, Hand Massage, Facials

Your investment includes:

up to x4 members of our expert team

as many therapies listed above over as many days as required

reductions on future bookings with individual practitioners

all equipment

Please note this package is worked out on an hourly rate according to how many members of your team will be attending. The bigger your team the greater the saving!

Yoga at Home

The Yoga and Sound Package

Your team are looking for an alternative to the more aggressive, competitive 'team building' events usually bought into by big firms. They'd love to rest, relax and come together as a group to enjoy something truly special.

The Yoga and Sound Package is for you!

We will:

*provide Yoga sessions for your team followed by an immersive sound bath to relax them (choose from a variety of styles of Yoga)

*bespoke the yoga to suit participants' needs 

*make the sound interactive if preferred (eg a drum circle)

Your investment includes:

up to x4 of our expert team

as many hours yoga and sound as required by you for as many of your team requested 

themed sessions to help facilitate your current targets/goals/workplace topics

all equipment

Please note this package is worked out on an hourly rate according to how many members of your team will be attending. The bigger your team the greater the saving!

Womens Hygiene

The Womens Health Package

You are looking to educate your workforce on womens health and how the hormonal shifts experienced in the female body can affect memory, behaviour, energy levels and more. You'd like to address the topic of menopause but don't know where to start. You're looking to create a policy to promote inclusivity and support for women experiencing, for example: pregnancy, miscarriage, menopause, childcare worries, anxiety and hormone related physical symptoms. 

We can help!

We will:

*help you devise a skeleton female health policy 

*give seminars on a variety of womens' health topics (bespoked to your team's needs)

*provide interactive workshops on, for example, yoga for menopause, Mizan for womb health, Reflexology for self care

*offer future discounts to women in need of continuous support from our team

Your investment includes:

Up to x3 members of our expert team

access to ongoing support materials online

up to one week's 'face to face' interaction with us

One years' discounted rate for classes and therapies with the visiting team for participants

Price available on request and dependent on days booked

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