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Workplace wellness

We're living in strange times. In our post pandemic, post Brexit world there have been a lot of changes for many of us in a short space of time. Add to that the more recent dramas of fuel shortages, the cost of living crisis and rising inflation and it's no wonder '74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope' (mental health foundation uk).

I'm sure you're aware of the impact stress can have on the body and mind, but Isabella Goldie, Director of MHF is calling for more employers to be aware, too: "We also need to change at a societal level. This includes ensuring that employers treat stress and mental health problems as seriously as physical safety.

We are (also) asking for well-being days to be provided to public sector workers to reduce the pressure on those who work hardest to look after us."

So what does this mean for you if you're the employer? Well, that largely depends on your team and the work they do, of course! Well-being in the workplace has become a buzz phrase since we've all got back to 'the new normal' but it's as broad as it is long for many companies, who may not always have in-house experts to make the call in terms of what's a 'best fit' for the team. Our socio-economic backgrounds, religion, sexuality and gender will undoubtedly play a huge part in how we choose to attend to our own well-being, independently, so how best to address this diversity in a company setting when one size does not generally fit all?

At The Breathe in Space we're expanding our reach all the time. With more social media followers, subscribers and visiting guests than ever before, we meet a vast range of people, with a plethora of needs. From those seeking the physical 'treat' of a facial, or 'exercise' offered by Yoga, to those suffering depleted energy levels in menopause, or depression post trauma, we deliver classes, 1:1 sessions and wellness days all week long, with one common aim: to offer a breathing space from stress and worry and encourage a mindful, holistic approach to health and well being.

And now we're reaching out to employers, too! Would you benefit from a workplace wellness audit? Does your team need a pick-me-up? Have you been assigned Well-being Officer or Mental Health First Aider, but you'd benefit from a team of experts to help you organise beneficial workshops and training for your colleagues? Do you just fancy the idea of an alternative to competitive team building events and dry conferences? Then we're the crew for you!

We can visit you in-house, or you can come to us. We can offer training and ideas, or immersive experiences. If mental health is a concern, we understand the impact it takes on a team and we have the training and skills to help you build resilience. If this is all about treating the team, we specialise in holding peaceful, relaxing space! Soon, there'll be an online subscription available for those of you with remote workers, but for now, know we're ready to take your cares away in person! So get in touch and see what TBIS well-being workplace packages could be on offer for you!

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