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All Things TBIS

Hello world! Again. I say again because I've previously written a Blog, and I pop up in 'Lives' on FB and now Insta all the time. But today, I begin a new form of communication with you all: the TBIS blog!

My intention for these Blogs is to follow up on the themes, events, practices and practitioners TBIS has on offer to give you a deeper insight into what it is we do here.

The posts will back up your classes' topics and offer further reading or practices which might deepen your understanding and connection. If we have special events there will be competitions from time to time to offer FREE places and I'll be spotlighting some of the amaaaaaaaazing work the practitioners at TBIS do, too, so you're better informed what each modality is and what might best suit you. We really are a unique initiative in Northampton and we're growing in confidence and reputation as each week passes! I'm so very proud of that, so expect a fair bit of JOY and merriment here. You have been warned!

Let's kick things off by describing all things TUESDAY at TBIS. The reason being, Tuesday has been, for some time now, my chosen day at home. It's the one day a week I'm NOT on site at any point, so I've entrusted the studios to two extremely well respected and much beloved teachers in my absence. Nadia Conway joins the timetable as Mum and Baby teacher and brings with her a plethora of experience, knowledge and new perspective. She aims to teach you the Yoga your post-natal body needs most as it resettles after childbirth, but promises to let baby join in wherever appropriate! She is an intuitive and friendly teacher, able to adapt to whatever the class attendees present to her, so don't worry if you need to stop to feed, or change a nappy, or just have a cuddle! Yoga moves will be adapted to include baby to keep them interested and active, and Nadia will be happy to show you 'Baby Yoga' moves too! You can book Mum and Baby classes for 11:00am every Tuesday.

And then later, for your grown babies, we offer you Teens & Tweens Classes with the fabulous Olivia Hickman. For young adults aged 11-18, this class is more than just a Yoga session! Incorporating techniques and teachings on, for example, meditation, chakra alignment, energy healing and breathwork, Olivia will guide the group through the challenges and changes they face as they approach adulthood, with good humour, fun and a holistic 'toolkit' that will serve them well for the rest of their lives! You can book Teen & Tween Classes for 5:30pm every Tuesday.

What about the adults?! Well, never fear, Olivia is stepping in to offer you two new sessions too! 6:45-7:30pm is Guided Meditation - a group aimed at sharing techniques to help you quieten your mind and to bring you to a place of Inner Calm. For beginners and seasoned meditators alike, these sessions take place in the peace and tranquility of The Yin Studio and will incorporate multiple philosophies and influences. Then, at 7:45pm Olivia continues her ever popular Womens Wellness and Yoga group - having moved it from a Friday to this new slot. Sharing her own New World Women teachings, meditation, breathwork, healing and self care techniques, Olivia brings you a truly unique and beneficial circle. This class is particularly useful if you're interested in Cyclical Living and the Divine Feminine.

Like what you're hearing? Class sizes are kept to a maximum 10 attendees so get in quick.....Book now to bag your spot! I'll be back here soon with more TBIS updates! Can't wait to see you. Thanks for reading!


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