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Past Life Healing

Explore your past life experience(s) and bring healing to your generational codes!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 90 British pounds
  • The Breathe in Space|Kingsthorpe

What to expect

Ever had that feeling you've been somewhere before? Or met someone REALLY familiar, only to realise you've never actually met? Our souls are infinite and so they manifest themselves continuously, in a constant joyful dance through time, experiencing all the expansions humanity has to offer - plus those Mother Nature provides in evolution! The purpose? Further expansion! The downside? Sometimes, a life time will prove taxing and the soul remembers and brings fear, past trauma and trepidation through into a new lifetime. This is where Past Life Healing can help. Our irrational thoughts, phobias, fears and emotions are often connected to the dna/genetic coding gone before in our previous life times AND those of our family line. It can take it's toll! Cleansing the past like this is a way to spring clean the now by attending to the past. Expect to experience emotional responses, but a deep sense of peace as a result!

Cancellation Policy

Please note: All classes booked under your membership package are NOT refundable or redeemable should you fail to attend all available sessions. Memberships are charged MONTHLY unless you cancel. TBIS will NOT refund 'over payments'. Sound Baths will NOT be refunded should you miss a session, turn up later than advertised start time or cancel less than 24hrs before the event. For holistics with Jo, please contact me 24hrs in advance to cancel or full price will be charged. Any bookings made 'privately' with Jo are valid for 3 months Maximum eg x4 reiki sessions at discount will NOT be 'held' for over three months. 'Transfers' of bookings which are missed or forgotten will NOT be made. Vouchers are valid for six months. As a small (micro!) business: Many thanks for your understanding in honouring these terms.

How to find us

  • The Breathe in Space

    The Breathe In Space, Kingsthorpe, Northampton, UK


  • Kingsthorpe

    The Breathe In Space, Kingsthorpe, Northampton, UK


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