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       TBIS Holistics with Jo 


Reiki is energy healing from Japan. The practitioner places hands on or close to Chakras (energy centres) along the body from Crown to  feet. Reiki then flows to the recipient and the result is deep relaxation for the nervous system. An excellent tonic in a hectic world, Reiki can also help soothe physical ailments, anxiety, depression & grief.


1Hour £60


Crystal healing

Crystals contain the energy of the Earth and can help dissolve energy blockages in the body and energy body. Crystals are placed on and around the recipient and the practitioner may also direct energy with crystal points within the layers of the energy body. A highly personalised treatment which can help soothe and relieve a variety of symptoms and ailments. 

1Hour £60



indian head massage

A deeply rejuvenating upper body massage incorporating 





You will select natural oils which will either relax and soothe you or invigorate and revitalise you! A great gift, this massage is also suitable in pregnancy.



Healing Stones

Crystal massage

A crystal massage is a wonderful way to explore how crystals can benefit your health and well being! Palm Crystals and Crystal wands are massaged through your clothing into the muscles and skin of the back, legs, arms and scalp. This benefits your body in two ways: one, physically, like any massage will, and two, etherically by re-energising your 'energy body' or Aura. 




Tarot Cards have been used for centuries to Divine the future. Every Tarot reading is different and so is every reader. I am always extremely honest about what the cards are presenting and that I am reading YOUR ENERGY as much as that of the cards. We chat at length about the issues you're seeking guidance on and then utilise the cards to determine where you are now with it all, where you might go next and what likely outcomes are. Clients often tell me how soothing and reassuring my readings are because I always emphasise FREEWILL and CHOICE as triumphing over all!

1hr £60

Candy Store Dispensers

Yogic life coaching

Life coaching helps make you accountable for the changes you're looking to make in life. Be they 





there will always be a Yogic philosophy to help you make those shifts! I offer 1:1 coaching for a minimum of 4 weeks and maximum 12 weeks per client.

Packages are bespoked to suit your needs, goals and lifestyle. And NO its not about physical Yoga (not unless that's what you want!)

I call my most popular block booking (x4 weeks once a week) the Pick N Mix, because you get to select from all the therapies and coaching exercises I have to offer in any configuration you like! 


Click Below to book a FREE half an hour consultation and lets get that mindset shift ON!

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